1. Customize git-wiki
    1. Configuration changes
    2. Internal themes
    3. Including hooks
      1. Style changes (head)
      2. Add your components
    4. Layout refactoring
    5. Configuration keys:

Customize git-wiki

From version 2.x Git-Wiki uses a modular architecture based on components and “including hooks”. This will allow you to totally costumize your wiki adding new code and/or create your layout from scratch reusing every single piece of git-wiki.

There are various methods to costumize and extends git-wiki, starting from the easiest one we will list them here:

Configuration changes

First thing to do during git-wiki installation is and changing values in _config.yml.

If you like our theme as is you just need to set following configurations:


It will allow you to define your brand. Of course there are also other internal configurations to enable/disable features (you can see the complete list at bottom of this page)

Internal themes

by default git-wiki includes some internal layout that you can set in your _config.yml to change your UI:

Including hooks

If you need to extend git-wiki adding or replacing css rules, adding scripts or html elements you can use the “including hooks” feature. It allows you to dynamically include a custom html code using the jekyll partials. NOTE: Your file must be added inside the _include folder

Style changes (head)

If you need a simple style change the easiest way to do it is including a custom css file that is able to add/overwrite default css rules.

To do it you can add in your _config.yml the following configuration:

inc_after_styles : "path/to/your/style.html" 

then in your _include folder you must add file defined above. It must be an html with the elements inside.

For example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/git-wiki/assets/css/mystyle.css">

NOTE: as you can see we’re using relative_url jekyll function allowing us to include the css file of our assets folder.

Add your components

With the same method used to include styles file you are able to use our “including hooks” to add your code everywhere you want.

You can find the list of all hooks at the bottom of this page

If you need to add content inside sidebar of our default layout you can use following hook:

inc_after_header: "my_sidebar_file.html"


If you need to add a comment component (for example disqus) you can use following hook:

inc_after_content: "my_comments_file.html"

Layout refactoring

Before working with layout refactoring you should learn:

If you need to totally change the layout of your wiki you can create a custom file in _layout folder and reuse only components that you need in the place that you want.

You’ve just to change following config:

      path: "" # an empty string here means all files in the project
      layout: "git-wiki-default"
      path: ""
      type: "pages"
      layout: "git-wiki-default"

replacing layout: “git-wiki-default” with name of your custom layout.

Configuration keys:

Read _config.yml file of your git-wiki installation for detailed list of configuration values (commented)