This is a demo of git-wiki theme for jekyll

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Welcome to git-wiki demo

This is a demo of git-wiki theme for jekyll.

it’s a full featured wiki powered by git, github pages and pull-requests!

It means:

You can fork/copy the master branch now and start your wiki in just 1 minute.

Then share your wiki with us! please.

Note: You can even include the github wiki as a submodule and enable the conf, but it’s an experimental feature and it implies less advantages and greater disadvantages for now.

Installation instructions

  1. Fork or copy this repository

  2. copy and rename _config.yml.dist in _config.yml changing settings inside

  3. create your in root directory

  4. push your changes in your repository, then configure the github pages in your repository settings

  5. Your wiki is ready!


We suggest the creation of a /wiki/ subfolder that collects all your .md pages (except

Current known limitations


You can create following files in _includes folder to costumize git-wiki without patching original code:

Looking for collaboration

Do you like this project? then, contact us via chat , email or send us a PR to improve it.

Thank you!

Components used