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  1. git-wiki-skeleton
    1. The git-wiki project


NOTE: it’s fully supported by github platform, you don’t need to install anything locally

This is a skeleton repository that can be used as a template to bootstrap your wiki using “remote_theme” config

For documentation, installation guide and demo of git-wiki-theme visit THIS PAGE

The git-wiki project

The git-wiki project is composed by 3 different repository:

  • git-wiki-theme: This is the repository of the theme that implements the wiki functionalities. You would have not fork it unless you need to send a Pull Request or create your wiki project from scratch.

  • git-wiki-skeleton: This is the repo that you should fork or use as a template. It uses the jekyll remote theme functionality that allows you to create your own wiki based on git-wiki-theme. By using the remote functionality you can automatically keep your wiki always updated with latest features from the git-wiki-theme, but you can also fully customize it.

  • git-wiki: This is the documentation repository and website of the git-wiki-theme project. You would have not fork it unless you want to contribute to the git-wiki project documentation.

Version: 1.0.8